2022 October

How to Purchase and Install SSL Certificates

How to purchase and install SSL certificates How to purchase SSL certificate You can purchase an SSL certificate from a domain registrar, a web-host or direct from a trusted Certificate Authority. There are several types of certificates, each with different issuance processes and for different purposes. Certificate type Description Domain validated certificate Domain validated certificates are the most […]

Performance team meeting summary 11 October 2022

Meeting agenda here and the full chat log is available beginning here on Slack. Focus area updates Images @adamsilverstein @mikeschroder GitHub project @adamsilverstein: Committed two small fixes related to the existing `image_editor_output_format` filter – #54476 and #56442 @mukesh27: Added checkbox to Settings > Media to control whether to generate JPEG in addition to WebP in #537 @flixos90: This […]

Moving the send_headers action to later in the load

As of WordPress 6.1, the send_headers hook has been moved to slightly later in the WordPress loading routine (ticket). Historically, all the is_ functions (like is_singular) wouldn’t work when you were determining which headers to send. With this change, moving `send_headers` to after WordPress parses the query, those functions now work properly. People can now have more control […]