State of the Word 2023: ¡Hola WordPress!

State of the Word 2023: ¡Hola WordPress!

Exciting day for the WordPress community! In a groundbreaking move, Matt Mullenweg delivered the first-ever State of the Word address from the charming city of Madrid, Spain. Live from this vibrant location, he shared annual insights into the WordPress project, celebrating its remarkable journey and expressing heartfelt gratitude for the diverse community that propels it forward.

Unveiling the Year’s Triumphs: a Testament to the Spirit of Innovation in the Community

Mullenweg took a moment to reflect on the pivotal achievements within the WordPress ecosystem over the past year. From its humble beginnings as a blogging tool to evolving into a robust website-building platform and now a powerful application framework, WordPress has reached its 20-year milestone (woo-hoo!) with resounding success.

  • Noteworthy mentions include WordPress’s prowess in scalability (as witnessed during Taylor Swift’s Time person of the year announcement – with 100k requests / second) and security, demonstrated by sites like and
  • The WordPress Playground continues to astonish, allowing users to set up a fully functional WordPress site in the browser in a matter of seconds.


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