Performance Chat Summary: 28 May 2024

The full chat log is available beginning here on Slack.


  • Welcome to our new members of #core-performance
  • Performance Lab 3.2.0 release date is June 6, 2024
  • WordPress 6.6 beta 1 is scheduled for Tuesday June 4

Priority Items


  • WordPress performance Trac tickets
    • Current release (WP 6.6)
  • Performance Lab plugin (and other performance plugins)
    • Auto-Sizes for Lazy-Loaded Images
    • Embed Optimizer
    • Fetchpriority
    • Image Placeholders
    • Modern Image Formats
    • Optimization Detective
    • Performant Translations
    • Speculative Loading
  • Active priority projects
    • Improve template loading
    • INP research opportunities
    • Improving the calculation of image size attributes
    • Optimized autoloaded options

WordPress Performance Trac Tickets

  • WordPress 6.6 enhancement tickets:
    • @adamsilverstein to test #53167 and aim to get it in beta 1
    • For #57789
      @thekt12 added persistent cache to  get_theme_data . Yet to run it with existing unit test and take performance result. He will add a PR today for testing add it today for testing. Currently he is adding some last changes to which will fix some unit test
    • @thekt12 has updated #59595 with with the review changes. Suggest changes weren’t working fully as $metadata[‘name’] was not present for all the block_nodes so updated it even further. Also identified repetitive code in old function which is fixed
    • @mukesh27 has #61276 ready for review, it has lots of testing on this one
      • @johnbillion I think we already have a few site health checks that aren’t particularly actionable by an end user, so this shouldn’t be a blocker, but definitely something to consider
      • @joemcgill In the Performance Lab plugin, we include a way for end users to review the specific options that are being flagged and allow them to turn off autoloading for them. Still unsure if that functionality is ready for all end users, but the fact that this site health check can be enhanced with specific additional details is a nice starting point. We can always adjust the copy during betas as well. I think we’ll likely get more feedback once the Dev Note for #42441 is published. Pairing the health check with this improvement seems like a nice affordance

Performance Lab Plugin (and other Performance Plugins)

Active Priority Projects

  • @stellastopfer We now also have one project board that should cover all current and upcoming work. The board is still a bit of a WIP, but should get its final shape over the course of the next couple of weeks.
    • Hopefully, it will serve our team just as well as some of you lurkers out there, so you can get an idea on features added to upcoming releases, bug fixes and other improvements, but also discuss and contribute where you see an opportunity to do so.
    • The first next step would be to add all of the issues that are in progress, but aren’t there. Then we will triage and align on labels. I think there are some we can do without and others we can simplify.
    • If you click on the arrow in the tab, and go to Slice by > Milestone, it will open a sidebar. There you can choose the milestone you want to see card for and they will filter on the right.
    • Only one milestone at a time. We could create a filter by due date. That would cover multiple
  • @joemcgill suggested we’ll probably need some follow-up or some documentation on how we want to use the board (best practices, tips, that sort of thing), but this is an amazing start and should help us organize visibility of our work much better.

Improving the calculation of image size attributes

  • @mukesh27 has been working on improved image sizes algorithm. And asked @joemcgill to please review it when you have moment.
    • PR that ready for review:
      • PR #1250 – Initial implementation of improved image sizes algorithm
      • PR #1252 – Use correct sizes for small images

Open Floor

Our next chat will be held on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 at 15:00 UTC in the #core-performance channel in Slack.

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