What is a slug and how to optimize it?

What is a slug and how to optimize it?

When we talk about SEO for WordPress, we often talk about creating the right slug for a page. Of course, we’re not talking about the slimy creature that eats your plants. So, what is this ‘slug’ then? And why should you optimize it? In this post, we’ll explain all you need to know about it.

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check in Yoast SEO? Here’s what that check does and how to turn that light green.

What is a slug?

A slug is the part of a URL that identifies a particular page on a website in an easy-to-read form. In other words, it’s the part of the URL that explains the page’s content.

For this article, for example, the URL is https://yoast.com/slug, and the slug simply is ‘slug’.

How to edit a URL slug

In WordPress, the slug is the part of your URL that you can edit when writing or editing a post. Editing it in WordPress looks like this:

Note that this only works with the right permalink settings. You can edit the permalink settings in WordPress through Settings > Permalinks. We recommend choosing an option in which the


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