WordPress Header Modifications: Change Background Image, Font & Color

New WordPress users often require assistance with customizing their website header. This includes tasks such as changing the background color and image, adjusting the font size and style, and making various other modifications to enhance the site’s appearance. This comprehensive guide is divided into sections, each addressing a specific aspect of header customization. Choose the section below that corresponds to the help you need.

The default WordPress theme is highly popular and serves as the foundation for numerous subsequent themes. Modifying the color of the default theme header offers a means to maintain a clean and minimal appearance while achieving uniqueness. To alter the background color of any theme’s header, follow this method. In case of any issues, please share them in the comments section.

To change the header background color of the WordPress theme, follow the following steps.

  1. Click Appearance and then the Header sub-menu.
  2. There are five options as shown below in this submenu.
  3.  The gradient header is made up of three colors, font, upper, and lower. Clicking the corresponding tabs to choose a color can easily change these colors. Click Revert to change it back


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