Hallway Hangout: Performance End of Year Review 2023

Following up on the prior performance related hallway hangout for WordPress 6.3, and hallway hangout for WordPress 6.4, @flixos90 @joemcgill and @clarkeemily will be co-hosting an upcoming end of year hallway hangout to review the WordPress performance enhancements from 2023, and a look ahead to 2024!

If you’re interested in joining, the Hallway Hangout will happen on 2023-12-07 16:00. a Zoom link will be shared in the #core-performance Slack channel before starting.

At a high level, we will go through the following agenda:

  • Quick intros (what each person does/focuses on)
  • Review of WordPress performance improvements throughout 2023
  • Retrospective sharing field data for the cumulative performance impact of the team’s work in 2023
  • Discussion around interpretation of metrics
  • A look ahead to 2024 plans

As a reminder, hallway hangouts are meant to be casual and collaborative so come prepared with a kind, curious mind along with any questions or items you want to discuss around this important area of the project, especially since the agenda is intentionally loose to allow for it.

Noting this specifically for folks who have expressed interest previously or who are involved directly in this work cc @hellofromtonya @aristath @oandregal @annezazu @tweetythierry @desrosj @youknowriad @dmsnell @pbearne @swissspidy @westonruter @adamsilverstein @mukesh27 @joemcgill @johnbillion @10upsimon @thekt12 @linsoftware @pereirinha

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