Content planning for a (growing) blog: 6 easytouse tips

Content planning for a (growing) blog: 6 easy-to-use tips

Maintaining a blog is about more than just writing a bunch of blog posts. You should develop a strategy and plan your content – especially if you’re writing with multiple authors. You should also interact with your audience and respond to their comments. In this post, I’ll explain the importance of content planning and give some practical tips on how to plan your blog posts – effortlessly!

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If your blog and audience are growing and you’re getting more serious about blogging, you should make a plan for your content. This might seem unnecessary at first, but it will make your life so much easier! Especially if you work with guest bloggers or multiple authors who write about different topics.

But how do you create a proper plan? Well, we’ve got six important pointers for you:

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1. Create an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar


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