WordPress Vulnerability Report – September 27, 2023

WordPress Vulnerability Report: November 2021, Part 3

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Dan Knauss

September 27, 2023

Last Updated on September 27, 2023

Since last week, 48 total vulnerabilities have emerged in public disclosure. They may affect over three million WordPress sites. There are 39 plugin vulnerabilities with security patches, so run those updates!

Additionally, there are nine plugin vulnerabilities with no patch available yet. If you use an unpatched plugin or theme, check their vendors’ intentions and progress on a security release. Suppose no patch is forthcoming or the vulnerable software has been marked “closed” and dropped from the official WordPress theme and plugin repositories. In that case, you should consider deactivation and removal in favor of alternative solutions.

id="h-wordpress-core-vulnerabilities-patched">WordPress Core Vulnerabilities — Patched

  • No new WordPress core vulnerabilities were disclosed this week.

WordPress core is very secure when it’s properly configured


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