Should your content be globally relatable?

“Find your niche!” is popular advice for people who own or want to start a business. You have to find your audience; the more specific, the better! But is that true? Should you only talk to the same group of people, or is there merit to making your content globally relatable?

What is globally relatable content?

Creating global content means everyone can understand it. No matter where they live or who they are. The homepage of your website is a good example, since it’s meant to convey to everyone who visits your site what type of business you are. As a result, global content is usually written in English. 

The SEO benefit of global content is obviously the larger reach. Most people use English keywords, so if you optimize for those, you’ll be able to reach more people. Then, if your content is good and people find what they’re looking for, your rankings will also improve.

A side note about local content

The opposite of global content is local content. This type of content is more niche. It’s catered to a specific audience, which also means it can be in any language. A good example


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