How to Speed Up Your MacBook During Remote Work –

How to Speed Up Your MacBook During Remote Work

Meta – Working remotely is in trend and this means you have to take care of your gadgets and laptops on your own as the IT team provides limited support only. This is why knowing the ways to speed up your MacBook is important.

When working remotely it is important to be as productive as possible. Using a Mac may be beneficial for many reasons but it may start to run slower over time. There could be various reasons why it does this. You need to find out what’s causing the problem and fix it. Speeding up your Mac will make a difference to your productivity. Here are several reasons why it may run slowly and what to do about it.

the login items

Some applications and services launch whenever you start your Mac. These startup and login items can affect your Mac’s processing capacity and memory. This increases the startup time and slows down your Mac. You may also have hidden, broken, or unwanted startup items that waste resources.

  • An easy way to control startup items is in System Settings.
  • In System Settings, you go to General and Login Items.
  • Select an app and click the Minus
  • Check


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