Performance Chat Summary: 17 October 2023

Meeting agenda here and the full chat log is available beginning here on Slack.


Priority Projects

Server Response Time

Link to roadmap projects

Contributors: @joemcgill @swissspidy @thekt12 @mukesh27

Database Optimization

Link to roadmap projects

Contributors: @mukesh27 @thekt12

  • @thekt12 Bug (needs unit tests before going for review #59661
  • @thekt12 also completed my analysis get_posts #59516 Found that for WP_Query fields  is the only key that results in modification after cache key generation. I’ll add a writeup shortly
  • @joemcgill There were several updates made in 6.4 related to autoloaded options, but I know there are a few more things planned. @flixos90 are there updates that need to be made to this tracking issue?

JavaScript & CSS

Link to roadmap project

Contributors: @mukesh27 @10upsimon @westonruter

  • @westonruter there were a couple of late changes that were fixed last week
  • @mukesh27 We hope to commence the process of removing jQuery usage from the frontend in WordPress default themes for version 6.5 [Link to tickets]
  • @pereirinha I’ve been doing research on #59595. I might have a good idea of how to improve it. I hope to have more news later in the week, where I plan to share the findings and potential solutions.


Link to roadmap projects

Contributors: @flixos90 @thekt12 @adamsilverstein @joemcgill @pereirinha


Link to roadmap projects

Contributors: @adamsilverstein @joemcgill @mukesh27 @swissspidy @flixos90

  • @swissspidy WordPress core end-to-end and performance tests now use Playwright — see #59517 for details

Ecosystem Tools

Link to roadmap projects

Contributors: @mukesh27 @swissspidy @westonruter

Creating Standalone Plugins

Link to GitHub overview issue

Contributors: @flixos90 @mukesh27 @10upsimon

Open Floor

  • n/a

Our next chat will be held on Tuesday, October 24, 2023 at 15:00 UTC in the #core-performance channel in Slack.

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