How to Add Code Snippets in WordPress

How to Add Code Snippets in WordPress

Sometimes you want to change something in WordPress. This could be a design element such as social link placement on mobile, a core function like comments, or a monetization feature like ad placement. Often the solution is to use a plugin, but if all you need is to make one edit why go through all that trouble? Instead you can use a code snippet.

What Is a Code Snippet?

For WordPress, a code snippet is simple a piece of PHP, JS, CSS or HTML code. Snippets are used to edit default WordPress features instead of adding an entirely new file or installing a plugin.

class="wp-block-heading" id="h-what-does-a-code-snippet-do">What Does a Code Snippet Do?

Typically a code snippet is used to add a specific feature or function to your website. Each snippet has a clear, direct purpose. And what a snippet does will depend on the snippet.

Examples of Code Snippets

  • Add a snippets to display the current year with a shortcode so you don’t have to update the year in your copyright each January.
  • Edit the number of posts displayed in your search results to keep your site organized.
  • Customize the admin menu bar


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