Performance Chat Summary: 4 July 2023

Meeting agenda here and the full chat log is available beginning here on Slack.


  • Welcome to our new members of #core-performance
  • Many folks out today due to US 4 July holiday
  • Reminder of bug scrub tomorrow for a check on 6.3 issues
  • Early performance numbers on WP 6.3 beta is out: overall load time performance (represented by the “LCP” metric) sees a boost of a whopping ~26% for block themes and ~19% for classic themes  [see Slack post]
  • For those that missed it, we have a special Performance Improvements for WordPress 6.3 Hallway Hangout scheduled on Thursday July 27 at 3:00pm UTC
  • Reminder that Beta
    is next week on July 11 for the 6.3 release cycle

Priority Projects

Server Response Time

Link to roadmap projects

Contributors: @joemcgill @spacedmonkey @aristath

  • @spacedmonkey Mostly been supporting the beta release. I have also validated the number that Felix got, we are massively in the green for performance improves in WP 6.3
    • While profiling, I did find this, wp_trim_excerpt parses and renders blocks twice
    • TLDR, excerpts are parsing blocks twice, which is really bad. I will look into that ticket in WP 6.4, as it has been a problem since 5.0. Only noticed now other performance has improved.

Database Optimization

Link to roadmap projects

Contributors: @aristath @spacedmonkey @olliejones

JavaScript & CSS

Link to roadmap project

Contributors: @mukesh27 @10upsimon @adamsilverstein @westonruter


Link to roadmap projects

Contributors: @flixos90 @thekt12 @adamsilverstein @joemcgill


Link to roadmap projects

Contributors: @adamsilverstein @olliejones @joemcgill @mukesh27 @swissspidy

  • @swissspidy I started looking into making the performance testing environment reusable. Nothing concrete to share yet though

Ecosystem Tools

Link to roadmap projects

Contributors: @joegrainger @mukesh27

Creating Standalone Plugins

Link to GitHub overview issue

Contributors: @flixos90 @mukesh27 @10upsimon

  • @clarkeemily we have received a response from the Plugin Review team on the Dominant Color Images plugin and have some feedback to review. They found an issue that we are unable to replicate, so we are in the process of liaising with the Plugin Review team on this

Open Floor

  • @spacedmonkey Do we have a list of all the tickets that we want to have dev notes for?
  • @mukesh27 For the performance aspect, do we have only one developer note or are there multiple developer notes related to it?
    • @clarkeemily My understanding is multiple, and there will be blog posts about a holistic review of 6.3 performance
    • @spacedmonkey noted that @flixos90 is looking into a retro for WP 6.3. That will cover some of the other ticket that do not need dev notes but had an impact. We don’t normally write a dev note for things we just made faster under the hood.
    • @spacedmonkey If anyone else has anything they think we should call out in docs or write dev notes, please reach out on this channel.

Our next chat will be held on Tuesday, July 11, 2023 at 15:00 UTC in the #core-performance channel in Slack.

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