Core Performance Team Roadmap Published

Over the past few weeks, the Core Performance Team has been working on a roadmap for 2023, gathering different priorities of the different contributors and bringing them together in a cohesive roadmap. The team is excited to share this roadmap, which is now available on the Make Performance site.

The roadmap summarizes the team’s big picture focus areas and more specific efforts planned for the year. This is intended to be a living document that may see updates from time to time. It is difficult to plan and scope work for an entire year, so certain priorities may shift or new ones may be raised. Even so, this roadmap is meant to communicate the current intentions for what is on the near horizon for the Core Performance Team.

While most priorities on the roadmap are focused on direct WordPress core enhancements and performance support of the key Gutenberg phases 2 and 3, other priorities are focused on external tooling, such as to measure performance reliably, or to provide assistance to plugin or theme developers.

Please refer to the 2023 roadmap page for a comprehensive overview. It contains the full list of priorities for the year, and furthermore provides additional context for the big picture focus areas.

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